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Total geek out

Magic the Gathering is epic.

Just played my first few games without Joel helping me with new kinds of cards and stuff, and remembering when to tap etc, so finally on my own bar 1 or 2 really strange cards and special moves I don’t know yet (Pokemon cards explain every move on every card!! Bloody Magic just says “Flying” or “Trample” and no explanation to what it does unless it’s less useful/frequent.)

3 games with different amounts of HP. 25, 20, and 30.

I just recorded the drops in HP rather than rounds etc so it wouldn’t be very interesting to post, but basically Akroma Angel of Wrath (6/6 Flying, Trample, Haste, and a bunch of other overpowered shit) came to my rescue almost every time, almost lost her twice and lucked out.

I won all 3 games.

One of the games I ended up with more health than I had started while Joel ended on about -4.

I love my Angel/Life deck and I’m never letting Joel have it back.

Sorry baby. Akroma is now my bit on the side. You can tap me for unlimited mana though ;)

Computer, Xbox, DS, Gameboy (Advance, Colour, and original), Atari, and now cards.

Bring on the board and die games next if you dare.


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